My! Aren’t we fancy?

P1000290My dog’s pretty mellow.  Sometimes I call her Yellow Dog (from Chevy Chase’s Funny Farm).  I love the scene where Andy grabs the tongs to get Yellow Dog’s tail out of the fire.  I laugh every time.

Ginger isn’t quite that mellow; her tail is an entity unto itself and if it had landed in the fire, probably would have burned our house down since it would have strewn hot embers and burning logs all across the living room.  But besides that tail of hers, she is EXACTLY like Yellow Dog…almost.

In case you didn’t know…today is Dress Up Your Pet Day.  (Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  That suck-up Grunt is still working hard to impress his Nose Picking Boss and coming up with more stupid days to celebrate.)  So to pay tribute to this day, I’ve gone through my archives and found a few doozies of Ginger.  If you see us out walking…please don’t taunt her.  She’s sitting at my feet right now looking up with her pathetic eyes and I know exactly what she’s thinking.

Ginger:   Oh, alpha-mom, why oh why did you put THAT picture up?  I felt like such a dunce with that hat on!  Why are you showing the world? Please have mercy on me!P1010928

Last Halloween my son threw the pumpkin costume over her and Ginger was not too thrilled (even though she’s masking her humiliation quite well in this picture).  She rolled around in the grass and hopped like a deer trying to get it off!  It’s hard not having opposable thumbs.  Poor Dog!

Ginger:  This is it!  When I die, I coming back to haunt these people! Stupid orange fuzzy thing! Grrr!  Get off me!

P1010930She did finally get it off.  Actually the neighbor called the Humane Society and reported us for Dog Abuse for making our dog wear an ugly costume.  But by then, Ginger had freed herself and there was no evidence for them to take us away to jail.  Whew!

Another time I took Ginger for a long walk and was almost done before I noticed that my son had slipped some blue beads over her neck before I left home.  I wanted to die of shame when I discovered them, thinking of everyone we had passed and what they must think.

PasserBy:   What an uppity dog!  A blue necklace to match its collar.  My!  Aren’t we fancy?  Why doesn’t her owner just slip some high heels on her fancy dog while she’s at it!  Huff!

Just for your information…I don’t have any high heels for Ginger.  She has a bad hip and I don’t think that would be good for her.  But, if you have a special pet of your own, today’s the day to humiliate them with human clothes.  If they don’t have bad hips, maybe even throw on high heels just because you can.  Have fun!


5 thoughts on “My! Aren’t we fancy?

    • Well, if the kids had had a tortilla with lace, I’m sure they would have put it on her. But it was a Victorian porcelain doll’s fancy hat.

  1. My favorite Ginger-dress-up moment was when we put the sheep hat on her one Christmas so she could be a lamb in the nativity 😛 haha

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