Disappearing Gum

I used to never chew gum…until I got braces. When my orthodontist told me I couldn’t chew it, I suddenly craved gum and dreamed about it in my sleep. I just HAD to have it. Fruit Stripe was my favorite. It had that sudden burst of fruity flavor that lasted a shocking 30 seconds before it lost its taste and I threw it away and made necklaces from the wrappers.

Now I’m older and still like to chew gum…but not as much as I did when I had braces. Something about not being able to tick off my orthodontist has taken some of the pleasure away.  But a problem arose with gum as an adult (maybe you have this problem too)!  My gum disappeared before I could eat it.

I’d buy a pack of some type of fruity gum (because I love fruit and it made me feel healthy), stick it in my purse, and when I’d go to grab some later—at church to freshen my breath or after dinner to keep from snacking on chocolate chips in the freezer—it would be gone!  Abracadabra.  POOF!  No more gum.

At church when I’d look sadly at my empty gum pack and wrappers in my purse, I’d lean over and study my children all sitting on the pew chomping gum and wonder.  Hmmmm?  It was a baffling mystery (or not!).

One time I got cinnamon for a change.  It’s not my favorite—too HOT—but my gum lasted for weeks.  Every time I went to get a piece out of my purse…there was gum!  No magic disappearing gum tricks!

My kids would grab my purse and find cinnamon gum instead of mango-fruity-swirl-banana-kiwi-whatever flavor and make an awful face and say, “Oooooh! Mom! Why did you get cinnamon?”

“It was a mistake, honey,” I’d answer. “The package was red and I thought it was cherry.”

I kind of enjoyed having gum in my purse.  It was a joyous delight!  I tried spearmint and the blue ice one that tastes like toothpaste, and my kids hated those too.  If they were desperate, they’d take a piece, but usually they’d see that I had mint gum and opt out of the gum route.  It made me smile.

Now days, I don’t like fruity gum anymore.  It disappears…and the only evidence I have that it even existed is empty wrappers in my purse (my kids think my purse is a garbage can).  I love minty gums—especially hot cinnamon (my kids hate that one the most, which means I get to eat every single piece in a package).

Isn’t it crazy how your tastes change as you get older?


4 thoughts on “Disappearing Gum

  1. Ahhh I’m a cinnamon gum girl!! Especially love my 5 gum…the flavor lasts soooo long!! And I remember the necklaces you guys used to make with those fruit stripes wrappers!! =)

  2. Man, I really hate cinnamon gum… >.< I had to start buying my own gum finally when you figured that one out. lol But now I'm an Orbit Wintermint girl all the way! haha

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