Party Animal

It was a wild, wild New Year’s for Ginger!

First off, the neighbors did firecrackers starting at about 8pm, which sent her into a full blown panic!

Ginger:  Help!  The world is ending!  The world is ending!  It’s 2012 and I hear explosions which means I’m going to die!  I’m not ready to die! I had a whole life of sniffing poop ahead of me.  I really didn’t want that to end!  Help me!  Someone!  Mommy! [that’s me], have mercy on me and let me hide under your feet under the computer desk!  Please…as a last request?

Dogs ears are very sensitive…but Ginger’s a little neurotic about fireworks–or any loud popping sounds.  She doesn’t really ask to hide under my feet…she just pushes her way under the desk like the coward she is, and my feet have to find somewhere else to go.  The 4th of July is just plain embarrassing.   She probably loses 5 lbs with all her shivering and cowering.   One year I tried to leash her to my chair in the front yard so she would have to watch the firework show and realize there was nothing to fear…but she took me and my chair out as she hightailed it to the garage.  What a pansy…a sweet, lovable, cowardly pansy!

By time New Year’s rolled around last night (or this morning), this is what Ginger looked like!  The firecrackers were long over and she was pooped from all her partying (AKA wimpy trembling).   It’s hard to live with such a Party Animal.  Sigh!  (She’s lucky she’s so darn cute!)

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  1. Ahhh poor Ginger…you know Mason can relate, he HATES loud noises, ever since he was a baby! He can’t be in a movie theater without having his hands over his ears the entire time!!

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